One of the important areas of your body beauty-wise is your clavicle. Prominent collar bones look very sexy and most guys are attracted towards women who have sexy collar bones. Having prominent collar bones doesn’t mean that you have to have a skeleton-like body. All you have to do is to have well-defined collar bones to enhance the shape of your body in order to look more attractive and sexy. There are a few simple things that you can do to get sexy collar bones and be attractive and envy of other girls! Let’s have a look on the 3 hot tips that can help you get sexy collar bones.

sexy collar bones

1: Cut Down On Calorie Consumption

The first important thing to get sexy collar bones is to cut down on your calorie consumption. By doing so you will actually force your body to burn stored amount of fat for energy. Calculate the total amount of calories you consume per day and the amount of calories that your body actually needs per day. Based on these calculations, reduce the extra amount of calories (ideally you should reduce about 500 to 1,000 calories). This way, you will not only lose excess amount of weight, but also you will make your collar bones protrude. Devise a well-balanced diet plan that should consist of a good proportion of nutrient-rich foods. Avoid consuming those foods that contain high content of fat, as such foods can build up on your body, especially on those parts that you want to make prominent like your collarbones. In addition to this, avoid consuming foods that have high sugar and salt.

2: Exercise To Get Prominent & Sexy Collar Bones

Exercise is another great way to get prominent and sexy collar bones. First, you have to get rid of the extra fat that is covering your collar bones. The fastest to lose unwanted fat stored near your collar bones is by doing cardio exercise. You can also try running for minimum 30 minutes every day. After a couple weeks, you’ll see a big difference in your body. If you don’t like running, you can perform any other type of cardio that you actually enjoy doing, such as swimming, elliptical training, biking, rowing or kickboxing. All types of cardio burn extra calories and lead to weight loss throughout your body.

What else you can do to get attractive collar bones is upper-body exercises. These exercises target the muscles near your clavicle. You can perform different exercises like shoulder presses, incline chest presses, forward raises, shrugs and lateral raises.

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3: Practice Mindful Eating

There are many things that come under mindful eating. Eat lots of bananas, apples and other fruits. Add lean meat to your diet as well as eat whole grain food. Avoid late night eating. Snack on healthy food and drink plenty of water. It is good to replace all beverages with water. You can keep your appetite under control by drinking water with your meals.

There you have it! A well-balanced diet, right amount of calories, and right type of exercise will help you get sexy collar bones and look more attractive.

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